New Features Introduced in September 2021

Learn about the new features that became available in SaaS Security starting September 2021.
The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for SaaS Security in September 2021. Refer to the Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use SaaS Security API and SaaS Security Inline.
Prisma SaaS is now SaaS Security API. However, you will still see Prisma SaaS in some of the SaaS Security API documentation screenshots until we apply this change throughout the documentation.
Granular Match Results by Incident
SaaS Security API’s Incidents page now displays exact match results for each incident in an easy-to-access sidebar for improved incident assessment.
SaaS visibility with SaaS Security Inline for Prisma Access
SaaS Security Inline is now available for Prisma Access. SaaS Security Inline offers SaaS visibility—advanced analytics and reporting—so that your organization has the insights to understand the data security risks of sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS app usage on your network.

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