New Features Introduced in April 2023

Learn about the new features that became available in SaaS Security starting April 2023.
The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for SaaS Security in April 2023. Refer to the Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use SaaS Security API, SaaS Security Inline, and SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM).
New application attributes included in risk score calculations
SaaS Security Inline calculates a risk score for a SaaS app based on application attributes. SaaS Security Inline now displays a new category of attributes for Identity Access Management. The attributes displayed in this new category help you assess the authentication and access-control capabilities of an app. Some attributes in this new category were previously listed as Security and Privacy attributes. In addition, a new attribute in this category indicates whether a SaaS app supports password policies.
For the Security and Privacy attributes category, new attributes were added to indicate whether a SaaS app supports encryption at rest, encryption in transit, native data classification, and more.
SaaS Security Inline now considers these new attributes when calculating risk scores for applications. For this reason, many applications have updated risk scores. If you have previously changed the default risk score for a specific SaaS application, your custom risk score is not affected by any change in the default risk score. If you have configured the global risk score by assigning different weights to attributes, these customizations are also not affected.
SaaS Security in the Cloud Management Console
We are in the process of updating the SaaS Security Administrator’s Guide to include information for new customers and those who are migrating to the Cloud Management Console. Read the following information carefully to learn more about the updated terms and feature availability in the Cloud Management Console. This section will be updated during this transition.
  • SaaS Security API is now
    Data Security
    in the Cloud Management Console.
  • SaaS Security Inline is now
    Discovered Apps
    in the Cloud Management Console.
  • See Common Services for Subscription and Add-ons, Tenant management, Identity and Access, and Device Association.
  • Navigation process in the new Cloud Management Console has been documented wherever applicable.
  • Images and screen shots will be updated as customers migrate to the Cloud Management Console.

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