Assign a Batch of Predefined Roles to Tenant Users or Service Accounts Through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform

Learn how to assign roles to tenant users or service accounts in the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
Before you can assign a role to a user for the first time, you must add user access. Adding a role to a service account is optional. If you already added users or service accounts and you want to assign additional roles, use the following steps.
When you add user access or add a service account, you can assign a predefined role at that time. You can also assign additional roles to users or service accounts afterward, either individually or in batches.
  1. Go to the hub and log in.
  2. Select
    SASE Portal
  3. Select
    Multitenant Portal
  4. Select
    Identity & Access/Access Management
  5. Select the tenant where the user or service account is located.
  6. Select the users or service accounts for which you want to assign a role.
  7. Assign Roles
  8. Select an option from
    Apps & Services
    . For example, you can select
    Prisma Access
  9. Select a
    . For example, you can select
    Read-Only Admin
    for a user who needs only view access to Prisma Access. Review About Roles and Permissions in the Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform for more information about other roles.
    Any role assigned to a user or service account at the parent level of the hierarchy is inherited by that user at the child level by default.
  10. (
    Add Another
    app, service, or role and repeat as needed.

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