Manage Services Through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Portal

Learn how to manage tenant services in the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Portal
ASC Partner Portal
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma SASE Multitenant Portal
  • ASC Partner Portal
  • Prisma SASE Multitenant Portal
    • Prisma Access license or SASE bundle license
    • Identity & Access role: Multitenant Superuser or Multitenant IAM Administrator or IAM Administrator or Auditor
  • ASC Partner Portal
If you activate a SASE license or a Prisma Access license for your tenant, you can view the current physical status of your tenants, including whether they have finished setting up and whether they are operational.
This page displays the following information:
  • Tenant name
  • License edition
  • Tenant vertical
  • Service setup journey
  • Service setup status
  • Expiration date
  • Licenses allocated:
    • Remote network speed
    • Number of service connections
    • Number of mobile users
    • Amount of Cortex Data Lake data space.
  • Support ID — a list of tenant IDs required for opening customer support cases, such as:
    • TSG ID — Tenant Service Group ID or tsg_id
    • Cortex Data Lake ID
    • Cloud Management ID
    • Prisma Access ID

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