Monitor Tenant Upgrades Through the
Prisma SASE Platform

Learn how to monitor tenant upgrades in the
Prisma SASE Platform
If you activate a SASE license or a Prisma Access license for your tenant, you can view detailed reports on your tenant licenses and resource consumption. To view this information, access the
Prisma SASE Platform
You can view upgrade information for a specific tenant and all its children. Use the column picker to show and hide columns, and set their order in the display.
The tenant
is displayed for your convenience. Select a region of your choice.
To view details about the license assigned to a given tenant, click on the tenant's name.
This screen offers the following widgets:
Tenant name
Displays your tenant names.
Tenant ID
Displays your tenant service group IDs.
Current version of Prisma Access
Displays your Prisma Access versions.
Last upgrade time
Displays the time of the last Prisma Access upgrade.
Last upgrade status
Displays the status of the last Prisma Access upgrade.
Next upgrade scheduled
Displays the status of the next Prisma Access upgrade.
Upgrade Error
Displays any errors from the last Prisma Access upgrade.

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