Add Prisma Access to an Existing Prisma SD-WAN Tenant Through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform

Learn how to add a Prisma Access license to an existing Prisma SD-WAN tenant through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
After activating a license for Prisma SD-WAN, you can add Prisma Access to the same tenant through the
Prisma™ SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
  1. From the Palo Alto Networks email link, select
    Get Started with Prisma SASE
  2. Select your products to highlight them for activation, then
    MSP Cloud Management
    If you have unsupported add-ons,
    MSP Cloud Management
    is disabled.
    Do not select
    Start Activation
    if you want to activate products through the
    Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
    . The
    Start Activation
    option is for a single tenant environment.
  3. You are automatically directed to
    Common Services
    Subscription & Add-ons
    , where you
    the subscription for your product.
  4. Choose the same
    Customer Support Account
    number that you used for the Prisma SD-WAN license.
  5. Select the same
    Parent Tenant
    that you used for the Prisma SD-WAN license.
  6. Claim and continue
  7. You are automatically directed to
    Tenant Management
    to the parent tenant where the license was claimed.
  8. Select the tenant where you want to add your licensed product:
    • Prisma Access can be activated against any tenant in the hierarchy.
    • Pay attention to whether you want to activate Prisma Access at the parent level or the child level.
      • Activating Prisma Access on a parent tenant or child tenant along with existing SD-WAN makes that tenant a SASE tenant.
      • Activating Prisma Access by itself on a child tenant of an existing SD-WAN parent tenant makes that tenant a Prisma Access Only tenant.
  9. Select
    Edit Tenant
  10. Select the same
    that you used for Prisma SD-WAN.
    There is no cross-region aggregation. Make sure that all your tenants are in the same region for monitoring purposes.
  11. You’ll see that Prisma SD-WAN is grayed out because it’s already activated, so select
    Activate Prisma Access
    Agree to the terms and conditions
    Activate Now
  12. The status will display as
    while activation is in progress and then will display as
    after the activation is successful. You now have a tenant provisioned with an instance of the product that you purchased. The tenant has one user — the Customer Support account that you used when you began this process.
  13. (
    ) Add a user and assign roles.
  14. To complete the product setup, you must access the products you purchased and perform any required post-installation configuration. For information about your products, see:
  15. (
    ) Monitor your tenants with the Prisma SASE Summary Dashboard.

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