Activate a License for Prisma SASE Through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform

Learn how to activate your Prisma SASE tenants through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Cloud Management Platform
For a SASE license, you receive two separate emails from Palo Alto Networks identifying the licenses you are activating — one for Prisma Access activation and one for Prisma SD-WAN activation. You can use the links in any order.
  1. Things to consider:
    • For Prisma Access, select
      MSP Cloud Management
      after clicking the activation link in your email from Palo Alto Networks.
    • Select the same
      Customer Support Account
      number for activating both licenses.
    • Select the same
      for activating both licenses.
    • Activate Prisma SD-WAN on the top-most root-level parent tenant in the hierarchy, and on any intermediate tenant, and on the child tenant. Adding the product on the parent tenant makes it available to all the child tenants for activation, aggregate monitoring, and ION device management. Activating the license only on the child makes the product available only to that individual child tenant.
    • New Prisma SD-WAN licenses are not needed for every new child tenant. You only need to order new licenses if you need to order additional IONs, vIONs or add-on licenses for a new tenant.
    • Activate Prisma Access at any level in the hierarchy — there is no requirement for the parent tenant to have Prisma Access activated.

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