Create a Link Tag

Create an SD-WAN link tag to group paths going to the same destination.
Create a link tag to identify one or more physical links that you want applications and services to use in a specific order during SD-WAN traffic distribution and failover protection. Grouping multiple physical links allows you to maximize the application and service quality if the physical link health deteriorates.
When planning how to group your links, consider the use or purpose of the links and group them accordingly. For example, if you are configuring links intended for low-cost or non-business-critical traffic, create a link tag and group these interfaces together to ensure that the intended traffic flows primarily on these links, and not on more expensive links that may impact business-critical applications or services.
  1. Select
    and select the appropriate device group from the
    Device Group
    context drop-down.
  2. Add
    a new tag.
  3. Enter a descriptive
    for the tag. For example; Low Cost Paths, Expensive Paths, General Access, Private HQ, or Backup.
  4. Enable (check)
    to make the Link Tag available to all device groups on the Panorama™ management server and to the default vsys on a single vsys hub or branch, or to vsys1 on any multi-vsys hub or branch that you push to.
    By configuring a Shared Link Tag, Panorama is able to reference the Link Tags in the firewall configuration validation and successfully commits and pushes the configuration to branches and hubs. The commit fails if Panorama is unable to reference a Link Tag.
  5. (
    ) Select a
    for the tag.
  6. Enter helpful
    about the tag. For example,
    Group two low cost broadband links and a backup link for general access to the internet
  7. Click
    to save your configuration changes.
  8. Commit
    Commit and Push
    your configuration changes.

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