Install the SD-WAN Plugin When Panorama is not Internet-Connected

Download the SD-WAN plugin in the Panorama™ management server from the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal.
A Panorama™ management server with an SD-WAN plugin is required to configure and manage an SD-WAN deployment. When Panorama is not connected to the internet, you must download the SD-WAN plugin from the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal and upload the plugin to Panorama. The plugin needs to be installed only on the Panorama managing your SD-WAN firewalls, and not on the individual hub and branch firewalls.
  1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal.
  2. Select
    Software Updates
    , and in the Filter By drop-down select
    Panorama Integration Plug In
  3. Locate and download the
    SD-WAN Plug-in
  4. Select
    the SD-WAN plugin.
  5. Browse
    and locate the SD-WAN plugin you downloaded from the Customer Support Portal and click
  6. Install
    the SD-WAN plugin.
  7. After you successfully install the SD-WAN plugin, select
    Commit to Panorama
    This step is required before you can commit any configuration changes to Panorama.
  8. Continue to Set Up Panorama and Firewalls for SD-WAN to begin configuring your SD-WAN deployment.

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