Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor the applications and links within your VPN cluster, and generate reports for auditing purposes.
Monitor and generate reports of the application and link health status in your VPN clusters to identify and resolve issues. In order for the Panorama™ management server to display SD-WAN application and link health information, you must enable the SD-WAN firewalls to push device monitoring data to Panorama and configure log forwarding to Panorama when you Add Your SD-WAN Firewalls as Managed Devices. If you have not configured your SD-WAN firewalls to forward logs to Panorama, the SD-WAN
displays no application or link health information.
In order for Panorama to gather SD-WAN monitoring data, you must push the SD-WAN configuration from Panorama to your SD-WAN firewalls. If no SD-WAN monitoring data is displayed, verify that you successfully pushed the SD-WAN configuration.

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