Upgrade Line Cards to K2 Secure Mode

Upgrade line cards on a PA-7000 Series firewall to K2 Secure Mode.
If you have a PA-7000 Series firewall running in K2 express mode and you want to upgrade the firewall to secure mode, you must purchase an upgrade license for each line card on the firewall. For example, a PA-7080 firewall with 10 line cards requires 10 upgrade licenses. Contact your sales representative to purchase upgrade licenses. Then register all of the line cards individually against the chassis serial number of the firewall.
Your PA-7000 Series firewall is already registered to function in express mode, which is a prerequisite to upgrading the firewall to secure mode, as follows.
  1. Select
  2. Find the serial number for the chassis of the line card you are upgrading and in that row, select the Actions icon ( ).
  3. The Device Licenses screen appears. Enter the Auth Code from your sales order into the Authorization Code field. Select
    Activate Auth-Code
  4. Select
    Agree and Submit
  5. A Confirmation message appears, stating that
    Subscription auth codes should be applied only to K2 devices running in express mode. If this is a K2 express mode device, select Yes.
    If that is the case, press
  6. Find the Auth Code that you activated and next to the corresponding K2 Secure Mode Upgrade, select the download icon.
  7. A text window opens; select
    to open the file.
  8. The text file opens displaying the CLI command to enable or disable express mode. Make note of this CLI command, but don’t execute it yet.
  9. Repeat Step 2 through Step 8 to upgrade each line card on the PA-7000 Series firewall that is in express mode.
    All line cards on the chassis must be in secure mode for the firewall to function in secure mode.
  10. After you have upgraded all of the line cards on the PA-7000 Series firewall from express mode to secure mode, Access the CLI to the firewall and enter the
    version of the CLI command to upgrade the firewall to secure mode.

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