GTP Cause Values in Logs

When you enable logging, GTP-C request and response messages include Information Element (IE) values that indicates whether a message has been accepted or not, and when a message is rejected it provides a reason for rejecting the message.
GTPv1 rejection causes are numbered 64 to 127 and GTPv2 are numbered 192 to 240. The following table lists the GTP causes that are printed in logs. For causes that are not listed in the table, only a cause code is displayed.
GTPCause ValueDescription
GTP v1128Request Accepted
193Invalid message format
194IMSI / IMEI not known
195Mobile station is detached from the GPRS network.
196Mobile station is not responding to the GPRS network.
197Mobile Station refuses connection
198GTP version not supported.
199No resources available.
200Service not supported.
201Mandatory IE incorrect
202Mandatory IE missing
203Optional IE incorrect
204System failure
207GPRS connection suspended
208Authentication failure
209User authentication failure
210Context not found
211All dynamic PDP addresses are occupied
212No memory available
213Relocation failure
219Missing or unknown APN
220Unknown PDP address or PDP types
222APN access denied no subscription
223APN restriction type incompatible
229APN congestion
GTPv216Request accepted - 2
64Context not found
65Invalid message format - 2
66Version not supported by next peer
67Invalid length
68Service not supported - 2
69Mandatory IE incorrect - 2
70Mandatory IE missing - 2
72System failure - 2
73No resources available - 2
78Missing or unknown APN - 2
81Relocation failure - 2
GTPv284All dynamic addresses are occupied
89Service denied
91No memory available - 2
92User authentication failed - 2
93APN access denied – no subscription - 2
94Request rejected
96IMSI/ IMEI not known - 2
100Remote peer not responding
103Conditional IE missing
104APN restriction type incompatible - 2
109Invalid peer
110Temporarily rejected due to handover
113APN congestion - 2

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