GTP Message Type

Indicates the type of GTP message. GTPv1 messages are defined in 3GPP T.S 29.060 release 13.4 and GTPv2 messages defined in 3GPP T.S 29.274.
GTPMessage ValueMessage Type
GTPv11Echo Request
2Echo Response
3Version Not Supported
4Node Alive Request
5Node Alive Response
6Redirection Request
7Create PDP Context Request
16Create PDP Context Response
17Update PDP Context Request
18Update PDP Context Response
19Delete PDP Context Request
20Delete PDP Context Response
22Initiate PDP Context Activation Request
23Initiate PDP Context Activation Response
26Error Indication
27PDU Notification Request
28PDU Notification Response
29PDU Notification Reject Request
30PDU Notification Reject Response
31Supported Extensions Header Notification
32Send Routing for GPRS Request
33Send Routing for GPRS Response
34Failure Report Request
35Failure Report Response
36Note MS Present Request
37Note MS Present Response
38Identification Request
39Identification Response
50SGSN Context Request
51SGSN Context Response
52SGSN Context Acknowledge
53Forward Relocation Request
54Forward Relocation Response
55Forward Relocation Complete
56Relocation Cancel Request
57Relocation Cancel Response
58Forward SRNS Context
59Forward Relocation Complete Acknowledge
60Forward SRNS Context Acknowledge
61UE Registration Request
62UE Registration Response
70RAN Information Relay
96MBMS Notification Request
97MBMS Notification Response
98MBMS Notification Reject Request
99MBMS Notification Reject Response
100Create MBMS Notification Request
101Create MBMS Notification Response
102Update MBMS Notification Request
103Update MBMS Notification Response
104Delete MBMS Notification Request
105Delete MBMS Notification Response
112MBMS Registration Request
113MBMS Registration Response
114MBMS De-Registration Request
115MBMS De-Registration Response
116MBMS Session Start Request
117MBMS Session Start Response
118MBMS Session Stop Request
119MBMS Session Stop Response
120MBMS Session Update Request
121MBMS Session Update Response
128MS Info Change Request
129MS Info Change Response
240Data Record Transfer Request
241Data Record Transfer Response
254End Marker
GTPv21Echo Request
2Echo Response
3Version Not Supported
32Create Session Request
33Create Session Response
34Modify Bearer Request
35Modify Bearer Response
36Delete Session Request
37Delete Session Response
38Change Notification Request
39Change Notification Response
40Remote UE Report Notifications
41Remote UE Report Acknowledge
164Resume Notification
165Resume Acknowledge
64Modify Bearer Command
65Modify Bearer Failure
66Delete Bearer Command
67Delete Bearer Failure
68Bearer Resource Command
69Bearer Resource Failure
70Downlink Data Notification Failure
71Trace Session Activation
72Trace Session Deactivation
73Stop Paging Indication
95Create Bearer Request
96Create Bearer Response
97Update Bearer Request
98Update Bearer Response
99Delete Bearer Request
100Delete Bearer Response
101Delete PDN Request
102Delete PDN Response
103PGW Downlink Notification
104PGW Downlink Acknowledge
128Identification Request
129Identification Response
130Context Request
131Context Response
132Context Acknowledge
133Forward Relocation Request
134Forward Relocation Response
135Forward Relocation Notification
136Forward Relocation Acknowledge
137Forward Access Notification
138Forward Access Acknowledge
139Relocation Cancel Request
140Relocation Cancel Response
141Configuration Transfer Tunnel
152RAN Information Relay
149Detach Notification
150Detach Acknowledge
151CS Paging
153Alert MME Notification
154Alert MME Acknowledge
155UE Activity Notification
156UE Activity Acknowledge
157ISR Status
162Suspend Notification
163Suspend Acknowledge
160Create Forwarding Request
161Create Forwarding Response
166Create Indirect Data Tunnel Request
167Create Indirect Data Tunnel Response
168Delete Indirect Data Tunnel Request
169Delete Indirect Data Tunnel Response
170Release Access Bearers Request
171Release Access Bearers Response
176Downlink Data Notification
177Downlink Data Acknowledge
179PGW Restart Notification
180PGW Restart Acknowledge
200Update PDN Connection Request
201Update PDN Connection Response
211Modify Access Bearers Request
212Modify Access Bearers Response
231MMBS Session Start Request
232MMBS Session Start Response
233MMBS Session Update Request
234MMBS Session Update Response
235MMBS Session Stop Request
236MMBS Session Stop Response

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