Drawing on data collected through PAN-OS device telemetry, Device Insights gives you an overview of the health of your next-generation firewall deployment and identifies areas of improvement. If you have an active Cortex Data Lake license, you can also explore your Cortex Data Lake log data.

Date Highlight
June, 2021 Device Insights has a new user interface to help you find specific alerts and devices. Plus, the app now intelligently recognizes US holidays to improve anomaly detection and forecasting accuracy. Learn more
June, 2021 Device Insights now provides visibility into the logging infrastructure of your next-generation firewall deployment and generates reports to help you keep a pulse on your network. Learn more
March, 2021 Instead of using only static thresholds to generate alerts, Device Insights can now alert you any time that a metric exhibits unusual behavior with ML-powered anomaly detection. You can now also exercise greater control over your alerts by snoozing them and toggling forecast-based alerts. Learn more
February, 2021 To help you plan for potential changes to your deployment status and quickly assess a particular device, Device Insights now offers forecast-based alerting and a comprehensive Device Details page. Learn more
January, 2021 To help you prevent business-disrupting incidents in your deployment, Device Insights now generates alerts when it detects changes in key system metrics. With notifications for these alerts through email or ServiceNow, you can stay current with your deployment status even while away from the app.
December 2020 To provide you with intelligence on your devices regardless of their PAN-OS version, all devices running PAN-OS 8.1 or later can now send data to Device Insights through the Telemetry Agent.
December 2020 Device Insights now features a new UI, hex grid interactions, and Panorama support. Learn more in the release notes.
November 2020

To better investigate correlations between related metrics, you can now hover along the x-axis of multiple metric charts simultaneously. For more information about the changes in this release, see the release notes.

October 2020 For increased speed and easier navigation, Device Insights now caches data and features a new left navigation bar.
July 2020 If you have device telemetry-enabled firewalls, you can now activate Device Insights.


Device Insights Getting Started Guide

Start leveraging Device Insights to monitor the health of your firewalls.