View Changes to the Security Policy from the Traps Console

The Policy tab on the Traps Console displays changes to the endpoint security policy. Each rule displays the unique ID number, name of the rule, date and time that Traps received the updated security policy containing the rule, and description.
Each rule type has a dedicated management page that you can use to view and manage the rules for your organization. To create a text file containing the active security policy on an endpoint, run the following from a command prompt: cyveraconsole.exe export(641980)
CyveraConsole.exe creates an XML file in \programdata\cyvera\logs\ containing the active policy. The filename uses the format ClientPolicy_<date>_<time>.xml to indicate the date at which the policy was active, for example: CyveraPolicy_20160831_113415.xml
  1. Do one of the following to launch the Traps Console on the endpoint:
    • From the Windows tray, right-click the Traps icon icon-traps.png and select Console, or double-click the icon.
    • Run CyveraConsole.exe from the installation folder of the Traps Console.
  2. View the security policies:
    1. If necessary, click Advanced to reveal additional tabs. Then click the Policy tab to display the protection rules that are running on the endpoint.
    2. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the list of protection rules.

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