View the Service Status History of an Endpoint

By default, the standard details view of the MonitorAgentHealth page displays a table of endpoints with fields displayed along the top. Selecting an endpoint in the Health table expands the row to reveal additional details about the endpoint and allows you to view the status history of the Traps agent on the endpoint. A drop-down on the Agent Policy and Service Status section allows you to display a partial list of Service Status events. From this section you can also view the full service status history log. Each event in the log displays the date and time of the service change, version of Traps that is running on the endpoint and the change in status, either disconnected, running, shutdown, or stopped.
  1. From the ESM Console select MonitorAgentHealth.
  2. Select the row of the endpoint for which you want to view the rule history. The row expands to display further details and actions you can perform.
  3. Select Service Status from the drop-down on the right. The recent status information appears in the Agent Policy and Logs section of the page.
  4. Click Details to view the full service status history log.

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