View Notifications About the ESM Server

The MonitorESMLogs page displays notifications about and actions initiated from the ESM Server(s) including administrative changes, license changes, server management changes, policy management changes, and WildFire changes. For details on the fields in the ESMLogs table, refer to the online help.
  1. From the ESM Console, select MonitorESMLogs.
  2. To view the table entries, use the paging controls on the top right of each page to view different portions of the table.
  3. (Optional) To sort the table entries, select the column heading to sort by ascending order. Select the column heading again to sort by descending order.
  4. (Optional) To filter the table entries, click the filter icon filter.png to the right of the column to specify up to two sets of criteria by which to filter the results.
  5. (Optional) To export the logs to a CSV file, click the menu icon manage-hidden-menu-icon.png , and then select Export Logs.

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