Verify Connectivity from the Endpoint

After successfully installing Traps, the Traps agent should be able to connect to the server that is running the Endpoint Security Manager.
  1. Launch the Traps Console:
    • From the Windows taskbar, double-click the Traps icon icon-traps.png (or right-click the icon and select Console).
    • From the Mac taskbar, click the Traps icon and select Open Console.
    • Run CyveraConsole.exe from the Traps installation folder.
  2. Verify the status of the server connection. If Traps is connected to the server, the Connection status reports that the connection is successful. If the Traps agent is unable to establish a connection with the primary or secondary server, the Traps Console reports a disconnected status.
  3. Verify Connectivity from the ESM Console.

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