View Traps Startup Components on the Endpoint

Use the cytool startup query command to view the status of startup components on the endpoint. When a service or driver is disabled, Cytool displays the component as Disabled. When a driver is enabled, Cytool displays the component as System. When a service is enabled, Cytool displays the component Startup as Automatic.
  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator and navigate to the Traps folder (see Access Cytool).
  2. To view the current startup behavior of Traps drivers and services, use the following command:
    C:\Program Files\Palo Alto Networks\Traps>cytool startup query
    Service Startup
    cyverak System
    cyvrmtgn System
    cyvrfsfd System
    cyserver Automatic
    CyveraService Automatic
    PANM2637HQ:bin jdoe$ sudo ./cytool startup query
                      Process name                Startup status
                       traps_agent                       Enabled
                            trapsd                       Enabled
                        authorized                       Enabled
                               pmd                       Enabled
                        kproc-ctrl                        Loaded

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