Issues Addressed in Traps Endpoint Security Manager 4.1.2

The following table lists the issues that are addressed in the Traps Endpoint Security Manager 4.1.2 release. For new features introduced in Traps 4.1, as well as known issues and limitations, see Traps Endpoint Security Manager Information.
Issue ID
CYV-13476Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where the Traps service did not start after the endpoint booted up and the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) applied its default 30-second timeout policy.
CYV-13464Fixed an issue where protected executables failed to start on an endpoint when the executables were packaged using VMware ThinApp and had embedded resources but no version information.
CYV-13463Fixed an issue where you could not restore a file that was quarantined after the Traps Local Analysis (TLA) module started and before the Event Log service started.
CYV-13451Fixed an issue where the Traps agent could not connect to the Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) Server when the agent was running on a virtual desktop that had the same name as a deleted virtual desktop spawned from a different golden image.
CYV-13441Fixed an issue where the Traps agent failed to report results for a bulk query of more than 2,100 one-time actions.
CYV-13440Fixed an issue where the ESM Server stopped responding when it had tens of thousands of unknown hashes to process.
CYV-13426Fixed an issue where prevention alert messages had nonsensical text because the Traps service saved all JSON files in local storage with ASCII encoding and therefore lost Unicode data.
CYV-13417Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where applications performed slowly when querying directories for which the Traps Anti-Ransomware Protection module was enabled.
CYV-13410Fixed an issue where running an executable that was unknown to WildFire® caused the ESM Server to create a one-time action upload rule and caused all Traps agents to request new policy, which resulted in unnecessary processing on the ESM Server and unnecessary network traffic.
CYV-13397Fixed an issue on endpoints running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP and with low-level Traps logging enabled where Windows software trace preprocessor (WPP) messages overwrote the last-error code.
CYV-13374Fixed an issue in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments where the ESM Console displayed duplicate virtual desktop instances and each duplicate consumed a unique license even though only one of the duplicates was available.
CYV-13368Fixed an issue where upgrading to Windows 10 Fall Creator 1709 deleted Traps-related registry values on an endpoint.
CYV-13348Fixed an issue where Traps did not process hash verdicts for executable files and the transaction log grew too quickly when Traps tried to process hashes that were each associated with multiple file sizes.
CYV-13330Fixed an issue where Traps treated signed executable files as unsigned when the Windows Cryptographic Service (CryptSvc) was disabled on an endpoint.
CYV-13329Fixed an issue on Mac endpoints where Traps blocked the scripts that install third-party software.
CYV-13323Fixed an issue where the ESM Console displayed the wrong time for the Agent Policy and Service Status (MonitorAgentHealth<endpoint>).
CYV-13316Fixed an issue where automatic content updates failed on an ESM Server configured to use a proxy server for communication with WildFire (SettingsESMSettings).
CYV-13310Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints running Traps agent 4.0.3 or later where the Traps watchdog service did not work with .NET Framework versions later than version 3.5.
CYV-13298Fixed an issue where a Traps agent on a Terminal Services (TS) server caused a Citrix streaming application to stop responding on an endpoint that was connected to the TS server.
CYV-13295Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where, after installing Check Point Capsule Docs, Microsoft Office applications and Internet Explorer became unresponsive while starting up. This issue did not occur on endpoints running Windows 7 with 32 bits or Windows 8.1 with 64 bits.
CYV-13220Fixed an issue where the ESM Server became unresponsive due to a heavy processing load when upgrading from ESM Server 3.2 to ESM Server 4.0 (before upgrading to a later release).
CYV-13186Fixed an issue where the ESM Server had a memory leak and slow responsiveness after you upgraded from a Traps 3.4 release to Traps 4.0.2 or a later release.
CYV-13104Fixed an issue where the License Quantity report displayed the incorrect number of total licenses.
CYV-12995Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where you could not save a registry condition unless you entered a Registry Path with the proper case format (SettingsAgentConditions). With this fix, the ESM Server converts the Registry Path of the condition to the correct case regardless of how you enter it.
CYV-12983Fixed an issue where Mozilla Firefox performed slowly or stopped responding on a Traps endpoint.
CYV-8274Fixed an issue where the Traps agent emailed prevention notifications that displayed the email delivery time instead of the prevention time.

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