Set Up a Non-Persistent VDI

To set up a non-persistent virtual machine, you must configure a template policy known as a golden image. The settings in the golden image are used to create each new VDI clone. To prevent each new VDI clone from starting with a cache of unknown files and verdicts, you must collect all PE files that exist on the system and request their verdicts from WildFire.
Obtaining verdicts for all the PEs on the image is a multi-step process. After you collect all portable executable (PE) files, you use the Traps VDI tool (either the graphical interface or the command-line interface) to create a WildFire cache file containing the verdicts for all the PE files detected on the golden image including any that WildFire determined to be malicious. Then configure additional settings depending on the type of storage you want to use in your non-persistent VDI deployment. You can also use the Traps VDI tool to identify the golden image as a VDI instance in the Windows registry.

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