Administrative Roles

Role-based access control (RBAC) enables you to use preconfigured or define custom roles to assign access rights to administrative users. Each role extends specific privileges to users you assign to the role and each privilege defines access to specific configuration settings and pages within the ESM Console. By customizing a role and assigning specific privileges, you can enforce the separation of information among functional or regional areas of your organization to protect the privacy of data on the ESM Console.
The way you configure administrative access depends on the security requirements of your organization. Use roles to assign specific access privileges to administrative user accounts. By default, the ESM Console has built-in roles with specific access rights that cannot be changed. When new features are added to the product, the ESM Console automatically adds new features to the default role definitions. The following table lists built-in roles and the access privileges associated with each:
Full read-write access to the ESM Console.
IT Administrator
Read-write access to monitor and configuration settings pages and read-only access to all other pages in the ESM Console; does not include the ability to disable all protection.
Security Administrator
Read-write access to policy configuration, monitoring, and settings pages in the ESM Console, including the ability to disable all protection. This role also includes read-only access to the agent health pages but no access to the server health or licenses pages.
While you cannot change the privileges associated with the built-in roles, you can create custom roles that provide more granular access control over the functional areas of the web interface. For these roles, you can assign read-write access, read-only access, or no access to all the ESM Console configuration functions and pages.
An example use of a custom role is security administrators who need to be able to view logs about the status of endpoints but who do not need to configure security rules.

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