Add a Traps License Using the ESM Console

Before you can start using Traps to protect your endpoints, you must install a valid Traps license. To manage licenses, you must be assigned a role with Licensing privileges enabled.
  1. Before you begin: Obtain a license from your Palo Alto Networks Account Manager or reseller.
  2. Select SettingsLicensing and then Add a new license.
  3. Browse to and then Upload the license file. The ESM Console displays information about the new license, including the license features, the agent pool size, the number of endpoints to which the license has been issued, the date you added the license, and the date the license expires.
  4. (Optional) To verify the Traps license utilization, select Dashboard and view the License Capacity.
  5. (Optional) To export the license information to a CSV file, select SettingsLicensing, click the action menu manage-hidden-menu-icon.png , and then select Export Logs.
  6. (Optional) By default, the ESM Server automatically revokes the license from an agent which has not connected to an ESM Server within a 90-day period. To change the number of days in which the ESM Server revokes a license or to prevent Automatic Revocation, see Manage ESM Server Settings.

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