Agent Query Flow

After you create an agent query to Search Endpoints for a File, Folder, or Registry Key, the ESM Server sends the query in the form of a one-time action rule at the next heartbeat communication with the agent. If the query contains target objects and/or conditions, the ESM Server sends the query to only those endpoints that match the target objects and conditions. If you did not specify any target objects or conditions, the ESM Server sends the query to all endpoints.
When the Traps agent receives the query, it immediately searches the endpoint for the filename, folder, and/or registry key on the local endpoint. If the query contains multiple search parameters, Traps evaluates the queries separately and reports a match if it finds any of the search criteria. In the case of a matching system file, the Traps agent also captures metadata about the file. The Traps agent then sends the information to the ESM Server at the next heartbeat communication.
To see the latest search results, refresh the
Agent Query
page at any time. The ESM Console displays up to 50 results in the Details view of each search query (see View the Results of an Agent Query).

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