Define Activation Conditions for Mac Endpoints

To apply policy to Mac endpoints, you can create a condition to match any of the following characteristics:
  • Bundle directory path
  • Bundle ID
Use the following workflow to create a new activation condition for a rule on Mac endpoints.
  1. Select SettingsConditionsmacOS. The Conditions page displays the Name, Description, and if applicable, Path or Bundle ID for each condition.
  2. Click the action menu manage-hidden-menu-icon.png and then Add a new condition.
  3. Select the type of condition from the drop down, either Path or Bundle ID.
  4. Enter a Name and Description to identify the condition.
  5. Configure the settings for the Condition type:
    • Path—Specify the bundle directory path.
      Wildcards are not supported in bundle directory paths.
    • Bundle ID—Specify the numeric bundle ID. To specify a bundle ID as an include or exclude condition, enter the unique ID number. You can optionally specify match conditions for the bundle version.
  6. Save the condition.
    You can use the condition as a match criteria to either include or exclude endpoints from receiving a rule. See Include or Exclude Endpoints Using Conditions.

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