Include or Exclude Endpoints Using Conditions

By configuring conditions, you can activate rules for only those endpoints that match the condition. For example, consider a condition that matches Windows XP client systems. When you add that condition to an include list, the rule will apply only if the client system is running Windows XP. Conversely, if you add that same condition to an exclude list, the rule will apply to all client systems except those running Windows XP. After you add a condition to a list (include or exclude), you cannot use it in the other list.
Use the following workflow to include or exclude an endpoint from a rule using conditions.
  1. From the rule configuration page, select the
  2. Select a condition and
    it to the include or exclude list. To select multiple conditions, press and hold the
    key while selecting.
  3. Configure the rule settings and then
    the rule (see Save Rules).

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