Import or Export a Process

Use the export and import features in the ESM Console to back up one or more process definitions used in your security policy. The export and import features allow you to back up processes before migrating or upgrading to a new server, or deploying a managed process to multiple independent servers. You can export processes on a global or individual basis and save them to an XML file. The import feature appends imported processes to the existing list of default and added processes and also displays their protection types.
  1. Navigate to the Process Management page.
    From the ESM Console, select
    Process Management
  2. Select the type of operating system for which you want to manage processes.
  3. Import or export one or more processes.
    • To import processes, click the action menu and then select
      Import Processes
      to and
      the file containing details about processes you want to import. The processes appear in the table after the upload is complete.
    • To export processes, select one or more processes that you want to export. From the action menu , select
      Export Selected
      . The ESM Console saves the processes to an XML file.

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