View Processes Currently Protected by Traps

The Traps agent on Windows and Mac endpoints provides a console that you can use to view information about the security status of the endpoint.
tab on the Traps console displays processes run by the current user that are currently protected by Traps. The list of processes reflects the processes that were executed by the current user.
To view all processes protected by Traps including those run by other users or by the operating system, use the Traps console or a command-line interface called Cytool (see View Processes Currently Protected by Traps Using Cytool).
Running Processes Detected by Traps on Windows Endpoints
On Windows endpoints, the Traps console displays the name, description, unique process ID number, time the process was initiated, and memory allocation register. When Traps encounters difficulties injecting into a process, the Traps console also highlights the row for the process with a red background. This can indicate a compatibility issue with a third-party software. To verify the problem persists, we recommend that you reboot and try to run the process again. If Traps again fails to inject into the process, contact Support.
On Mac endpoints, Traps displays the name and unique process ID number.
Running Processes Detected by Traps on Mac Endpoints
  1. Launch the Traps Console:
    • From the Windows tray, double-click the Traps icon or right-click the icon and select
    • Run CyveraConsole.exe from the Traps installation folder.
    The Traps Console launches.
  2. Select the
    tab to view the protected processes.

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