Manage Quarantine Settings

To prevent malware from causing harm to data or systems, you can enable Traps to quarantine files.
Before Traps can begin quarantining files:
  • Enable Traps to quarantine files in a WildFire rule. See Configure a WildFire Rule. After you enable Traps to quarantine files, Traps quarantines any malware it identifies locally on the endpoint.
  • Adjust the storage quota for event logs (see Define Event Logging Preferences). Traps stores quarantined files in the same location as the logs. When the storage folder reaches the size quota, Traps makes room for new logs by deleting the oldest logs first.
  • Because Traps can quarantine only local malware and does not quarantine malware stored in network folders, we recommend that you enable logging of
    File Quarantine Failed
    events (see Forward Logs to an External Logging Platform and select the
    File Quarantine Failed
    event in the Settings - Agent section). This enables you to receive alerts about events that require manual remediation.

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