Use the Security Events Dashboard

Use the
Security Events
dashboard (
Security Events
) to monitor high-level information about security events that occur on the endpoints in your organization. From this view, you can see the number of events that have occurred in the last day, week, or month. The Security Events Dashboard displays both events where exploit attempts were blocked and events that triggered only notifications.
The following table describes the different areas of the dashboard in more detail.
Dashboard Component
Displays all the threats to protected processes and executable files that have occurred in your network. For convenience, you can click any rule type to view additional details about events of that type. You can also click on the number of events that have occurred to view only those events. For more information, see Manage Security Events.
Displays all of the errors and recent issues that Traps reports about the endpoints in your organization. Click any error type or on the number of security errors to view a filtered list of errors from the
Security Errors Log
page. For more information, see View Security Error Log Details.

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