View the Rule Summary

Each rule summary and management page displays active and inactive rules for your organization and has tools that you can use to manage the rules. To view a rule summary page or find specific rules:
  1. From the ESM Console, select the rule management page for that rule type, for example
    Application Protection Modules
  2. To view the table entries, use the paging controls on the top right of each page to view different portions of the table.
  3. (
    ) To sort the table entries, select the column heading to sort by ascending order. Select the column heading again to sort by descending order.
  4. (
    ) To filter the table entries, click the filter icon to the right of the column to specify up to two sets of criteria by which to filter the results.
  5. (
    ) To expand a rule entry, click the expansion arrow on the right side of the rule. From the expanded view, you can view further rule details or take any of the actions to manage a rule. See Save Rules.

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