ESM Tech Support File

From the ESM Console, you can create an ESM tech support file containing the following information:
  • Effective security policy
  • ESM Console and ESM Server settings
  • ESM Console and ESM Server logs
  • Database query results
The ESM Console aggregates and packages these logs into a ZIP file (< 1GB) that you can then download and send to Technical Support. Each time you generate a new ESM tech support file, the ESM Console logs the event. You can view the status and history of all tech support files from the ESM Console and can also configure log forwarding to send logs about the status of ESM tech support files to an external logging platform or to an email address.
You can generate an ESM tech support file from the
page. On average, this process takes 10 minutes or fewer.
  1. From the ESM Console, select
  2. Select
    to start the collection process. The ESM Console deactivates (grays out) the
    button during generation process.
  3. Refresh the page to view the status of the file. When the file is available, the ESM Console displays the time the file was created and updates the file size in the download link. The ESM Console reports a failure if it fails to generate the file within the preconfigured timeout period (25 minutes).
    You can also monitor logs related to ESM tech support file generation on the
    page. From there, you can filter the Report Type by Tech Support File Status, or filter the Message by a specific job ID.
  4. Click
    to save the file and then send it to Technical Support, as needed. To view the history of all available ESM tech support file requests, select
    Data Retrieval
    page. From there, you can download previous files or delete them as needed. If the tech support file failed to generate, the
    button is hidden and you can only
    the request.

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