Why can’t I install Traps?

Traps Setup reports the following error: Service “Traps” (CyveraService) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges.
Possible Causes
  • You do not have administrative privileges to start services on the endpoint.
After each step in the following procedure, verify if you can install Traps. If Traps still reports an error, proceed to each subsequent step until the issue is resolved.
  1. Verify that you have administrative rights on the endpoint:
    • Windows 7: Click
      Control Panel
      User Accounts
      Manage User Accounts
      . On the users tab, verify that your username is in the Administrators group.
    • Windows 8: Click
      Control Panel
      User Accounts
      Change User Accounts
      . Verify that your account appears as an Administrator.
    Log in to the endpoint as a valid administrator.
  2. The service log file contains information, warnings, and errors related to the Traps service. To further troubleshoot an issue related to the Traps service, open the C:\ProgramData\Cyvera\Logs\Service.log file in a text editor and review any errors in the log file that occurred at the time of the event.
    By default, the ProgramData folder may be hidden. To view the folder in Windows Explorer, select
    Folder and Search Options
    Show hidden files and folders
  3. If the problems persists, contact Palo Alto Networks support.

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