Why can’t I upgrade or uninstall Traps?

Traps Setup reports the following error: Service “Traps” (CyveraService) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges.
Possible Causes
In earlier versions of Traps, the service protection feature prevents you from modifying or tampering with Traps system files.
  1. Create an action rule to disable service protection (see Manage Agent Tampering Protection).
  2. Verify that you can install or uninstall Traps.
  3. Delete the action rule (see Save Rules).
  4. Try to upgrade Traps. To further troubleshoot an issue related to the Traps service, view the logs to see if Traps reports a specific error:
    • From the Traps Console, select
      Open Log File
    • From the Traps Console, select
      Send Support File
      to send the logs to the ESM Server.
    • Create an action rule to retrieve the logs from the endpoint (see Manage Data Collected by Traps).
  5. If the problems persists, contact Palo Alto Networks support.

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