Install the Traps Agent for Mac

Before installing Traps on a Mac endpoint, verify that the system meets the requirements described in Traps for Mac Requirements.
Install Traps using a software distribution tool of your choice (such as JAMF) or using the following workflow:
  1. Download the installation package you want to install from the Traps management service.
  2. Copy the installation package to the endpoint on which you want to install the Traps software.
  3. Install the Traps software.
    1. Unzip the installation package and run the Traps.pkg installation file.
    2. Click Continue to proceed with the installation.
    3. If prompted to confirm the destination, click Continue.
    4. Click Install to begin the installation.
    5. Enter the User Name and Password of the administrator with access to install software on the endpoint, and then click Install Software.
    6. Allow Traps to install system extensions:
      1. Dismiss the System Extension Blocked warning.
      2. Go to System PreferencesSecurity & PrivacyGeneral and select Allow.
    Traps logs any installation errors to /var/logs/installation.log. If installation fails for any reason, you can view this log to better understand the cause of the installation failure.
  4. After the installation completes, verify your connection.
    1. To open the Traps console, click the Traps icon in the menu bar, and select Open Console.
    2. Click Check In Now to initiate a connection with your tenant of the Traps management service. If successful, the Last Check-In field updates to display the recent check-in date and time.

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