Traps Agent Addressed Issues

List of addressed issues in Traps agent 6.0 releases.
The following tables lists the issues that are addressed in Traps agent 6.0 releases.

Traps Agent 6.0.2 Addressed Issues

Issue ID
CPA-6124Fixed a compatibility issue with Traps and Windows Code integrity Guard which caused delays on system boot up for slower endpoints.
CPA-6123Fixed an issue on Windows 10 endpoints that had AuditMicrosoftSignedOnly mitigation enabled where Traps injection caused services that have a load timeout (such as svchost.exe) to halt abruptly.
CPA-6086Fixed a compatibility issue on Mac endpoints where the Traps anti-malware flow prevented Sophos from installing due to an issue with error handling.
CPA-6015Fixed an issue with error handling on Windows endpoints where, in rare cases, Traps changed the Last Error value.
CPA-6011Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints, where if you used the cytool runtime stop command to stop all services, Cytool displayed Error 109: the pipe has been ended.
CPA-6001Fixed an issue where installation of Traps using GPO failed when Always install with elevated privileges was enabled and a user that was not an administrator on the endpoint initiated the installation.
CPA-5985Fixed an issue on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and later endpoints where if you used Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX), you experienced slowness copying and moving files between Intelligent Storage Arrays (ISAs). Now, you can copy and move files without experiencing any degradation in performance.
CPA-5816Fixed an issue which caused high CPU utilization on Windows endpoints due to gRPC.
CPA-5729Fixed an issue which caused high memory consumption by the cyveraservice when many network connections (over 10,000) were opened on a server that is protected by Traps.
CPA-5660Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where the Tech Support File excluded some files written by external processes as a result of being stored in a protected folder.
CPA-5551Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where the cytool log collect command did not create the output ZIP file archiving all the logs.

Traps Agent 6.0.1 Addressed Issues

Issue ID
CPA-5606Fixed a content issue related to the behavioral threat protection module that caused Traps to display the error Failed to load new dse configuration with error 411 intermittently during heartbeat communication with Traps management service.
CPA-5601Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where end users experienced delays opening large macro-enabled Office files (for example, Excel) from a network share.
CPA-5580Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints that occurred during the serialization of registry events which caused high CPU usage when monitoring endpoint activity on the endpoint.
CPA-5487Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where the Traps console showed a red Protection Disabled status when you configured a http_proxy or https_proxy variable.
CPA-5478Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where Traps experienced delays of up to five minutes when uploading endpoint activity data when endpoint data collection was enabled.
CPA-5185Fixed an issue on Mac endpoints where if you specified a \ in the installation path, installation succeeded but the Traps agent could not connect to Traps management service.
CPA-5161Fixed an issue where TLAService—which is primarily responsible for the Traps local analysis module—failed to initialize when the system account specified in the %TMP% environment variable was not reachable.
CPA-4878Fixed an issue with the Anti-Ransomware module on Windows 10RS5 endpoints where an end user experienced delays when opening a Microsoft Office file.
CPA-4725Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where periodic scanning caused the file streaming mechanisms of Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive to sync locally, which resulted in high local disk space consumption for files that should have been stored in the cloud.
CPA-4724Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where some Traps EPMs raised a security event for processes that were whitelisted instead of allowing them to run.
CPA-2544Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints that occurred when you upgraded the Traps agent where the LastRecord registry key was deleted. This caused Traps to lose track of the last record processed and resulted in duplicate notifications for processed records.

Traps Agent 6.0.0-h1 Addressed Issues

Issue ID
CPA-5703Fixed an issue on Windows 7 endpoints where Microsoft patch KB4474419 (released March 19, 2019) caused slowness on endpoints where the option to Monitor and collect endpoint events was enabled.

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