Traps Agent Known Issues

Known issues with the Traps agent 6.1.
The following table includes known issues in Traps 6.1.
Issue ID
MAGSUP-696, ZEN-522
This issue is resolved in broker VM 4.0.7.
When you configure static DNS settings with the on-prem proxy, the settings are not persistent and get cleared when the VM is restarted. When this occurs, the broker VM overrides the DNS server you specified and queries Google DNS ( instead.
This issue is resolved in broker VM 4.0.7.
Proxy settings on the broker VM are not used by the upgrade service which causes upgrades to fail when proxy is required.
Traps agents running 6.1 version should not upgrade to any macOS 10.15 version. If you do so, your Traps agent will stop communicating with the Traps management service and your endpoint will become unprotected.
A Traps agent that was upgraded in the past cannot re-register to the Traps management service after the connection between them is lost due to corrupted cloud_frontend.db.Workaround: Uninstall Traps and re-install it on the endpoint.
When initiating a Live Terminal session on Windows endpoints, you cannot run GUI-based cmd commands like
This issue is resolved in 6.1.1. See Traps Agent Addressed Issues
For Behavioral Threat events on Mac endpoints, the
tab of the security event displays the wrong year in the timeline.
On Linux endpoints, the Traps agent will not load the Linux kernel modules if it detected a system crash. The next time the agent uploads, the Anti-Malware flow will be in asynchronous mode and no data collection or Behavioral Threat Protection capabilities will be enabled.
This issue is resolved in 6.1.3. See Traps Agent Addressed Issues
When an unlicensed agent attempts to connect to Traps management service, its status in the Traps console appears as
instead of
Traps blocks processes signed by blacklisted signers when you configure the Action mode for Examine Portable Executables and DLLs as Report in a Malware Security profile.
When you configure Traps to quarantine malicious files, processes signed by blacklisted signers are not quarantined when they run on a Windows endpoint.
CPA-6344, CPA-6866
This issue is resolved in 6.1.1. See Traps Agent Addressed Issues
Agents on Mac endpoints running Symantec cannot be updated to Traps 6.1.
In some cases, when Traps management service fails to retrieve files from an endpoint, the process is still reported as successful instead of failed. The downloaded manifest file will includes the error description.

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