Endpoint Types

Traps management service supports the following types of endpoints:
Endpoint Type
Typically applies to physical machines but can also apply to persistent virtual endpoints that you want to follow the license allocation and clean up policies of standard installations.
Golden image
Source image used to create virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) sessions. The source image acts as a template that contains all the specifications, settings, and required software (including Traps) for VDI sessions that replicate (also referred to as
) from the image.
Intended for non-persistent endpoints that spawn from a golden image that has Traps installed. This installation ensures that each agent installed on a spawned session retains the policy defined on the golden image, thus reducing resource use and log creation. In addition, with VDI installation, the endpoint license returns to license pool either when the user logs off or ends the VDI session, or after a shorter timeout period than a standard Traps installation, thus ensuring that licenses are consumed only by active VDI (for specifics, see About Traps Licenses).
Temporary session
Traps 5.0.4 and later releases
Intended for either physical or virtual endpoints (such as a Remote Desktop Server) that repeatedly revert to a snapshot (or image) on which Traps is not installed. After you install Traps, Traps management service issues a license to the physical or virtual endpoint. Traps management service revokes licenses allocated to temporary sessions after a short period of inactivity (for specifics, see About Traps Licenses). When the machine reverts to the original state, and Traps is reinstalled, the machine receives a license again.
Intended to install Traps on your Android mobile devices.

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