Assign Roles to Traps Management Service Users

Assign built-in roles to provide administrative access to Traps management service.
From Cortex hub you can assign granular Administrative Roles for Traps users to provide specific access rights in Traps management service.
To assign roles:
  1. If necessary, add a new Customer Support Portal user.
    Skip this step if the user already has a Customer Support Portal account with an appropriate role. To be eligible for role assignment in Cortex hub, the user must have an account in the Customer Support Portal ( and be assigned any of the following Customer Support Portal roles: Super User, Standard User, or Limited User.
  2. Manage the level of access for a Cortex user.
    1. Log in to the Cortex hub and select gear.png Manage Roles.
    2. Use the sidebar to filter users as needed or the search field to search for users.
    3. Select one or more users and then Assign Roles.
    4. Select Traps to view all Traps management service instances.
    5. Assign roles for each Traps management service instance.
      By default, new users have No Role assigned. There are two ways you can assign roles for Traps management service users: You can assign the user the App Administrator role to provide full access to All Instances of Traps management service or you can configure access on a per-instance basis. With per-instance roles, you can also set fine-grained access to each Traps management service instance.
    6. Save and then click Yes to confirm the assignment, and you're done.

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