Delete an Endpoint

Traps management service automatically enforces a cleanup policy to remove inactive endpoints (and endpoints removed from the network but not properly uninstalled) and return the licenses to the pool of available endpoint licenses. The time period after which an endpoint Traps management service removes an endpoint depends on the endpoint type. For more information, see License Allocation.
If needed, you can manually decommission the Traps agent from one or more endpoints before the clean-up policy takes effect. When you decommission the Traps agent, Traps management service deletes the endpoint from the list of registered endpoints and returns the license to the available license pool.
Because VDI endpoints have a VDI-specific license cleanup policy, this action is not supported for VDI endpoints.
  1. Select
  2. Select the endpoints for which you want to revoke the Traps license.
    To reduce the number of results, use the endpoint name search and filters from the
    menu at the top of the page.
    An action menu appears at the top of the table.
  3. View more actions ( more-icon.png ).
  4. Delete Endpoints
  5. Confirm the action to
    one or more endpoints (and return the associated licenses to the pool) or

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