Filter the Endpoints

From Traps management service, you can view all endpoints that have registered with Traps management service. To reduce the number of results displayed, use the endpoint filters at the top of the page. You can apply filters to narrow the results for the current display or you can pin the filter so that it persists when you later return to the
If you select multiple criteria within a search filter, Traps management service evaluates the filter as an OR operator. If you apply multiple filters, Traps management service evaluates the filters using an AND operator. For example (Status:
) AND (OS:
Oracle Linux 7.4
Windows 10
) matches either operating system if the status is Inactive or Zombie.
Agent Version
Content Version
, and
, Traps management service automatically populates the list of versions and groups that you can select based on your deployment.
  1. From Traps management service, select
  2. Add one or more
    to filter the endpoints by the criteria you specify.
    • Agent Version
      —Select one or more versions or enter a full or partial search term to filter by Traps agent versions.
    • Content Version
      —Select one or more versions or enter a full or partial search term to filter by the content update versions used by Traps agents. Traps management service identifies the full content update version in the
      view for an endpoint. For more information, View Details About an Endpoint.
    • Endpoint ID
      —Enter the full unique ID assigned by Traps that identifies the endpoint. You can view the Endpoint ID in the endpoint details for an Endpoint.
    • Endpoint Name
      —Enter a full or partial endpoint hostname or alias. This field also supports wildcards: Use
      to match a single character or
      to match any string of characters. For example to match any endpoint whose hostname begins with enghost, enter
    • Group
      —Select one or more endpoint groups or enter a full or partial search term to filter endpoints that belong to any matching groups.
    • OS
      —Select one or more operating systems to filter by operating system versions.
    • Status
      —Select the
      (one or more) to filter the list of endpoints by their registration status. For status definitions, View Details About an Endpoint.
  3. Pin ( filter-pin-icon.png ) any filters you want to persist the next time you log in to Traps management service.
    At any time, you can
    to clear all applied filters or return to the
    menu to clear individual filters.

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