Retrieve Logs from an Endpoint

From the details view of an endpoint, you can initiate a request to retrieve all logs from an endpoint. You can then download and send the logs to Technical Support. Each time you generate a new file, Traps management service logs the event. You can also retrieve logs associated with a specific security event (see Assess Security Events).
  1. From Traps management service, select
  2. If needed, filter the list of endpoints.
    To reduce the number of results, use the endpoint name search and filters from the
    menu at the top of the page.
  3. Select the name of the endpoint to view additional information.
  4. Select
    Retrieve Tech Support File
    to prompt the Traps agent to package all available logs and send them to Traps management service.
  5. When the Tech Support File is ready, you can download it from the Tech Support File area in the endpoint details view. This view displays only the last file retrieved from the endpoint. To see the status and history of all files received from the endpoint, select
    Actions Tracker

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