Configure an Application-Specific Proxy for Traps

This capability is supported on endpoints with Traps 6.1.2 and later releases.
As an alternative to using a system-wide proxy for communication between the Traps agents and the Traps management service, you can configure an application-specific proxy for the Traps agent without affecting the communication of other applications on the endpoint.
  • If your agent is communicating directly with the Traps management service, you can assign it a dedicated proxy in the Endpoints window. Once you choose to disable this proxy, the agent will revert back to communicating directly with Traps management service.
  • If your agent is not connected to Traps management service yet, you must assign the proxy IP address and port number during the Traps agent installation process on the endpoint.
  1. From Traps management service, select
  2. If needed, filter the list of endpoints.
    To reduce the number of results, use the endpoint name search and filters from the
    menu at the top of the page.
  3. Set an agent proxy.
    1. Select the row of the endpoint for which you want to set a proxy.
    2. From the
      Set Proxy
    3. For each proxy, enter the IP address and port number. Add (
      ) up to five proxy addresses. Traps always refers to the proxy used in the last successful communication, and if it’s unavailable, continues to the next one on the list.
    4. Set
      when you’re done.
    5. If necessary, you can later
      Disable Proxy Configuration
      from the
      menu. When you disable the proxy configuration, all proxies associated with that Traps agent are removed. If the Traps agent is connected directly to Traps management service, once you disable the proxy the Traps agent will resume communicating directly with the Traps management service. Otherwise, if a direct communication does not exist and you disable the proxy, the Traps agent will disconnect from the Traps management service.
    Set Proxy
    Disable Proxy Configuration
    actions are registered in the Actions Tracker.

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