Upgrade Traps

After you install Traps and the agent registers with Traps management service, you can upgrade the Traps software using a method supported by the endpoint platform:
  • Android
    —Upgrade the app directly from the Google Play Store .
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux
    —Create new installation packages and push the Traps package to up to 5,000 endpoints from Traps management service.
The following workflow describes how to upgrade Traps for Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints:
  1. Select
    Agent Installations
    and identify the name of the installation package (or packages if you plan to upgrade the agent on different operating systems) that you want to use to upgrade your Traps agents.
    If needed, Create an Installation Package for a version that is newer than the version installed on your endpoints. If you select an installation package which is the same version or earlier, Traps management service ignores the upgrade request.
  2. Select
  3. If needed, filter the list of endpoints.
    To reduce the number of results, use the endpoint name search and filters from the
    menu at the top of the page.
  4. Select the endpoints you want to upgrade.
    You can select some or all matching endpoints for which you want to upgrade. The selection can also upgrade different operating systems at the same time.
  5. Upgrade ( tms-endpoint-upgrade-icon.png ) the selected endpoints.
  6. For each platform, select the name of the installation package you want to push to the selected endpoints.
  7. Upgrade
    Traps management service distributes the installation package to the selected endpoints at the next heartbeat communication with the agent.

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