Plan Your Traps Management Service Deployment

Before you get started with the Traps management service, plan your deployment:
  • Use the Cortex Data Lake Calculator to determine the amount of log storage you need for your Traps management service deployment. By default, Traps management service includes 100GB of log storage when you activate Traps management service. If you require additional log storage, you must purchase an additional Cortex Data Lake license.
  • Determine whether you will forward both firewall logs and Traps management service logs to the same Cortex Data Lake instance. If you plan to forward both, you must first activate the Logging Service from the
    Customer Support Portal
    instead of activating the Cortex Data Lake from the Hub and then associate it with Traps management service during activation. This sequence allows you to associate the Auth code with Panorama and later associate the same Cortex Data Lake instance with Traps management service.
  • Determine the region in which you want to host the Traps management service and any associated services (Cortex Data Lake and Directory Sync Service).
  • Calculate the bandwidth required to support the number of agents you plan to deploy. For every 100,000 agents, you will need to allocate 120Mbps of bandwidth. The bandwidth requirement scales linearly. For example, to support 300,000 agents, plan to allocate 360Mbps of bandwidth (three times the amount required for 100,000 agents).
  • If you are migrating from the on-premise Traps Endpoint Security Manager, review the Differences Between Endpoint Security Manager and Traps Management Service before you Migrate from Traps Endpoint Security Manager to Traps Management Service.
When you are ready to get started, Activate the Traps Management Service.

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