Use the Traps Management Service Dashboard

At-a-glance information about Traps management service dashboard.
The Dashboard widgets display general information about the Traps management service and link to filtered views by endpoint characteristic. Each chart is described in the following table.
Dashboard Chart
Surfaces statistics on unresolved security events by the severity level of the event and links to a filtered list of unresolved events by the severity that you select. By default, this chart displays data from the last 30 days. Use the
Events Time
drop-down to change the data collection period.
Displays the total number of registered agents and the distribution of agents by platform. Also provides links to filtered lists of endpoints for each platform.
Displays information about your Traps management service license including the license expiration date and the number of license seats that are currently allocated. If you are close to running out of license seats or your license is about to expire, consider renewing or purchasing additional licenses. To review all licensed endpoints (excludes endpoints with
status), click the statistic about number of seats used.
Displays the distribution of agents by content version and links to a filtered list of endpoints by latest or outdated content versions.
After a new content update is available, agents gradually receive the latest policy as they check in with Traps management service. If an agent uses an outdated policy for an extended period of time, consider manual steps to ensure the agent can connect to Traps management service.
To view the release date associated with the current content update version, view the
information from the drop-down menu next to your user name.

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