Export Logs from Traps Management Service

To archive or save endpoint and server logs for future use, you can export logs from Traps management service in comma-separated values (CSV) format. You can export an unlimited number of logs at a time.
  1. From Traps management service, select Logs.
  2. Select the type of logs you want to export: Endpoint or Management Service.
    To view threat logs, go to the Security Events page.
  3. Export ( export-icon.png ) the logs.
    Traps management service displays a confirmation dialog with a count of logs it will include in the export file.
    To reduce the number of logs you are exporting, you can click Cancel and return the to the logs page to Filter Logs on the Traps Management Service.
  4. Export logs.
    Traps management service exports the logs to a CSV file.
  5. View the export status from Actions Tracker.

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