Limitations in the Traps management service.

Feature Limitations

The following table includes limitations associated with the Traps management service.
Home region
The Traps management service supports home regions in the US and EU.
VM migration
For agents running Traps 5.0.3 or an earlier release, the Traps agent re-registers and receives a new, duplicate, license from the Traps management service when you migrate a virtual machine from one physical server. This is because the machine’s unique hardware ID changes. As a result, the virtual machine appears twice in the list of registered endpoints in the Traps management service.
The Traps management service provides enhanced support for temporary sessions in Traps 5.0.4 and later releases for Windows endpoints. In this scenario, installing Traps for a temporary session will cause the license to return to the license pool after 90 minutes of inactivity. Note that because the hardware ID changes, any policies which applied to the old endpoint ID will need to be updated for the new endpoint. Consider using an endpoint group that applies to temporary sessions in this case. For more information on installing Traps for temporary sessions, see the Traps™ Agent Administrator’s Guide.
Traps management service does not support IPv6 addresses.
Active Directory
Traps management service supports single or multiple domains but does not support Active Directory forests.


For information on supported operating systems and compatibility with third-party security products, see the Palo Alto Networks® Compatibility Matrix.

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