Troubleshoot License Activation Issues

Some of the most common issues with activating your license are covered in this section.
  • Licensing a PA-VM without sufficient memory causes an error similar to the following:
    Server error : failed key check : Resource check failed. Memory needed: 6.5GB, allocated memory: 4.8GB
    To fix this problem, provision the additional memory the license requires, and fetch the license with the command
    request license fetch
    If you use any other command it will fail with the following error:
    Server error : failed to fetch license: Cannot apply a provisioning license feature to an already provisioned device.
  • You see an error that reads
    Failed to fetch licenses. Failed to get license info. Please try again later
    or a generic communications error message displays.
    Verify the following:
    • Can the firewall route traffic to the Palo Alto Networks server using a service route? By default, the firewall uses the management interface to access the server. If you plan on using a dataplane interface, make sure that you have set up a service route.
    • Is routing over the internet working? SSH into the firewall and ping an publicly accessible IP address such as Be sure to use the source option if you are using a dataplane interface. For example: ping count 3 source host
    • Is DNS set up correctly? SSH into the firewall and ping a DNS name such as For example:
  • You see an error that reads Invalid Auth Code:
    Verify the following:
    • You have entered the auth code properly.
    • You have registered the auth code to your account on the support portal.
    • Your auth code has not reached the maximum provisioning capacity for the VM-Series firewalls.
      • For legacy licenses, log in to the CSP and select
        VM-Series Auth-Codes
      • For Software NGFW Credits, if you know the deployment profile, log in to the CSP and select
        Software NGFW Credits
        . Locate your profile, and click
        You can also select
        Software NGFW Devices
        and search by Auth-Code.

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