Virtual Machine

The virtual machine parameters define the left and right Linux servers. The name of the port tuple is defined here and referenced by the heat template. In Contrail, a port tuple is an ordered set of virtual network interfaces connected to the same virtual machine. With a port tuple, you can create ports and pass that information when creating a service instance. The heat template creates the left, right, and management ports and adds them to the port tuple. The port tuple is then linked to the service instance. When you launch the service instance using the heat templates, the port tuple maps the service virtual machine to the virtual machine deployed in OpenStack.
Virtual Machine (VM Config)
The flavor of the left and right virtual machines. The default value is m1.small.
left_vm_image or right_vm_image or image
The name of the software image for the left and right virtual machines. Change this value to match the file name of the image you uploaded.
The default is TestVM, which is a default image provided by OpenStack.
The name applied to the VM-Series firewall.
left_vm_name and right_vm_name
The name of the left and right virtual machines.
The name of the port tuple used by the two Linux servers and the VM-Series firewall.
The server key is used for accessing virtual machines through SSH. The default value is server_key. You can change this value by entering a new server key in the environment file.

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